The best way to structure your travels so you're always excited

How can I create an endless buzz about travelling?

If you haven’t quite achieved Instagram fame and the financial freedom that accompanies it, you will likely have to juggle a job with travelling & content creation. There is a structure to planning trips which I use that has served me well over the years. It’s a pretty simple model with three phases. Phase 1 is 'The Build Up’, phase 2  ‘The Trip’ and phase 3 is ’Content Creation’. In this blog I will walk through the 3 phases and explain the significance of each.

PHASE 1 - 'The Build Up'

The build-up phase is the one often overlooked by spontaneous travelers. While it seems romantic to impulsively book something, by doing so you are depriving yourself of a very important part of travelling; the anticipation.
As any keen traveler will tell you it is usually the period before an adventure that carries the most excitement, in some cases even more than when you arrive at your destination. This is because you do not fully know what to expect and this unknown factor stimulates imagination and floods the brain with dopamine as you consider what awaits. Taking your time and spreading your planning out over months will help keep this feeling alive in the build-up phase because it keeps the destination on your mind daily. It is not recommended to book your accommodation very close to arriving so ideally you want to start by booking flights, then spend a few weeks looking for accommodation. For more authentic experiences research local hot spots to find places most tourists do not know about and then book accommodation in or close to that area. Once your shelter is sorted you can focus your full energy on what you want to do in-country.

PHASE 2 - ‘The Trip’

When you are actually travelling the most important thing is you enjoy yourself and be present in the moment. Second to this, if you are a content creator you will need to be organised and have a daily plan for what story you will tell, where you will shoot and the kind of angles and transitions you will use. Things rarely go completely to plan when your overseas but having a rough idea the night before will make your days filming or photographing a less stressful ordeal that will likely yield better results.

PHASE 3 - ’Content Creation’

Upon returning home the first month can be used to edit the footage you have captured and turn it into post-able content. Its best you do this immediately for two reasons. Firstly, the trip will be fresh in your mind so you will find it easier to recall specifics and what you were trying to do with certain content. In addition to this editing right away allows you to re-live the experiences and reflect on the good and bad moments along the way, keeping it present in your mind a whole month after you return.
Software such as Adobe’s Premier Pro can be a major asset when editing video with easy to use transitions and presets built in to save time. There are usually packages available to suit the videographerphotographer or those who need everything. To automate your posting on social channels there is a variety of software available, I use Later because I travel with my partner and it’s the cheapest option to manage numerous accounts on the one dashboard. Later lets you schedule posts ahead of time which means your posting time will be consistent, usually this helps with the algorithm.

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For the cycle to work effectively it’s very important to ensure you will have enough money to book your next flight(s) when the editing month is over, this way it seamlessly transitions into phase 1 of the next trip.  When you have done this process enough times and built a large enough following you may be able to monetize your channel(s) and earn enough to live off it. Until then this is a good way to stretch out your travelling experiences, gain perspective and have something to look forward to until its time to board the next flight.

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