Aegismax Duck Down Slippers

Color: Blue M

Start winter off on the right foot with these lightweight duck down slippers. It will truly feel like you are walking on a cloud with 90% high quality duck down insulation. Originally created as a sleeping bag accessory for use in extreme cold, this versatile product is made from water-resistant nylon so will offer some protection against a wet floor. Each pair comes with a practical carry pouch for easy packing or storage. 

Duck Down Insulation
Extreme Temperature Resilience 
Compact Carry Pouch

  • Brand: Aegismax
  • Filling Material: 90% White Duck Down
  • Fabric Material: iFlEX 5500 20D Nylon  
  • Sizing (US): 4-7 (M), 7-9 (L), 9-11 (XL)
  • Weight(s): 40g (M), 60g (L), 76g (XL)
  • Comfortable Temperature Scale: [0℃~-10℃]
  • Functions: Camping, Indoor Slipper

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